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Supercharged 4.6-Liter V8

The 450R is infused with Mercury Racing DNA. With generous displacement, supercharged induction, and Mercury Racing Quad Cam Four Valve (QC4) design the V8 FourStroke 450R cranks out the most outboard speed and power ever offered by Mercury Racing.

Transient 450R

Power to Weight Ratio

The numbers don’t lie. The 450R has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

Top speed and Acceleration

Truly unrivaled performance. The 450R is the fastest, most powerful outboard ever offered by Mercury Racing.

Water-cooled Supercharger

A 2.4-liter belt-driven, twin-screw supercharger delivers zero-lag pressure charging for instant throttle response. The water-cooled supercharger and twin charge-air coolers increase intake air density for higher torque. An electronic boost bypass valve automatically responds to changing conditions.

Transient Spark

Instantly responsive. The 450R applies pre-programmed timing advance, optimizing torque output for lightning-quick hole shot performance.

Inspired Engineering

We’ve reset industry benchmarks across the board. Our engineers dreamed bigger and pushed harder. The results are truly exceptional.

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